Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nakseer (nose bleeding) in teens - नकसीर - Home remedy

Take Black Chick Pea wrapper (outside covering shells only), soak in water thru out the night in a mud vessel. In the next morning take the water by filtering, add 1-2 tea spoon of glucose (Glucon-D) into the water. Drink it empty stomach. Follow the same for 15 days atleast without any gaps. This is also known as Bengal Gram. These shells are used for feeding baffallos/cows to increase milk productivity. This is a good source of calcium. Easily available in dairy farms/villages/small towns in India.
काले चने के छिलके (चोकर) लेकर एक मिटटी के कुल्लर मैं रात को भिगो दें और सुबह छान कर १ चम्मच ग्लूकोस मिलाकर खाली पेट पी लें| ऐसा १५ दिन तक करें नाक से खून आना बंद हो जायेगा|


  1. Hi, i wanted to ask the quantities of black pea shells and water, my son is 4 years old

  2. i m male 20 year old.i have got nakseer.but after i got pain in sexual organs.and getting to many wet wat i do for treatment